Recent News

  • Halo Leisure Coninsgby St plans submitted to Hereford Council

    Natalia Silver, Asst Director of Communities, Hfd Council, reported to the Committee on this proposal and said that Council had to draw up a business plan and make a financial assessment. This was not a recommendation by the Council but as an offer had been made they had to consider this option. This offer was not received with enthusiasm by the Committe & Members tn attendance.

    SEE Minutes in Library 20/7/17.

  • The Future of Leominster Library could be in your hands!

    On Thur 13 Oct Hereford Council will probably decide the future of the library. Please contact these councillors to try and influence their decision. All members will have received an email with their email addresses.

    Harry Bramer

    A W Johson – Leader of H Council

    P McCaull – Vice Chair H Council

    Cllrs F Norman & J Bartlett – both members of FOLL



  • Fill in Library Users Survey now!! Close date Friday 5 August 2016

    Please fill in this Consumer Services & Library Users Survey either online or in Leo Library now! Statistics show that we are well behind Ross and need every form we can manage.

    We are having a stall in the market on Friday 29 July to give out and assist completion of forms – any help from members would be appreciated.

  • Prince Charles calls for funds to save libraries

    Daily Telegraph Mon 22 Feb P9 – Prince Charles appeals for funds for the Friends of National Libraries so that great writing can continue to be made available to all through libraries.

  • Happy Christmas!

    Jimmy Lindsay, FOLL Chairman,  and the Committee wish all members a Very Happy Christmas and New Year.

    The next FOLL Committee meeting is on Thursday 14 January 2016 at 5pm in the Library. All members and friends welcome. In January you will receive a letter from the Treasurer requesting subs for 2016 and also an update on the library consultations which have now been complicated by the temporary closure of Hereford library due to the presence of asbestos.


  • 3,500 petition signatures

    On Friday 25 September, Chairman Jimmy Lindsay presented a petition with 3,500 signatures – Save Leominster Library – to the Leader of Hereford Council, Brian Wilcox on the steps of the Shire Hall.  Hope to see some press coverage.

    You can download a PDF copy of our press release here.


    Save Leominster Library

    Save Leominster Library – yet again Herefordshire Council threatens to close it, together with Ross-on-Wye. This would leave Leominster with no library provision or public access computers, and leaves the future of the council’s drop-in customer services facility in doubt.

    Why help to Save Leominster Library?

    If you rely on the library for books for yourself, your children or other relatives, if you value it as a destination in the holidays, if you like to take your little ones along to children’s activity sessions or even if you never use a library but firmly believe they should be there for everyone, please help us fight for the future of Leominster library in one or all of the following ways:

    Join the Friends of Leominster Library

    The Friends of Leominster Library is a voluntary group that supports the library through fundraising and supporting its continued presence in the town. There are several ways that you can help us fight for the future of Leominster Library, and one of these is to join FOLL so that we can continue to fund our fight.

    All members are welcome at FOLL committee meetings. The next meeting is on Thursday 27th August 5pm in Leominster Library.